Study on Measures to Improve Fresh Food Sales at Military Commissaries (PX)


Saehoon Kim, Hwansoo Lee

Publication Date

December 7, 2018


This study aims to confirm the appropriateness of fruit and vegetable sales at military commissaries, with the purpose of enhancing the physical health and morale of military personnel. In order to achieve this objective, we examined the actual conditions of fruit and vegetable sales at military commissaries and analyzed the soldiers’ awareness of fruit and vegetable sales through questionnaire surveys. The conclusions of this study are as follows: Firstly, fresh fruits and vegetables were not sold at military commissaries. Secondly, soldiers acknowledged the need for the consumption of fruits and vegetables and strongly expressed the desire for these fresh food products to be sold at military commissaries. Although the ROK Navy privatized military commissaries for the purposes of increasing management efficiency of national defense and strengthening combat power by transferring PX salesclerk soldiers to join combat personnel, this effort produced a negative effect of price increase. The following are proposals for improving this condition: fruit and vegetable products should be introduced to military commissaries through military welfare funds; fresh food markets should be established by closely cooperating with the local community’s agricultural producers; processed fruit and vegetable product (dry, frozen, airtight packaged, etc.) sales should be increased; and the privatization of the navy commissaries should be abolished.



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