The General Outlook of Peruvian Agriculture and Its Implications for Korean Agribusiness


Jae Woong Yun, Carmen E. Velezmoro Sanchez, Young Chan Choe

Publication Date

December 30, 2011


Peru is South America’s third largest country and enjoys an enormous amount of natural resources. However, However, very few business studies on Peruvian agriculture have been presented. The objectives of this study are to introduce the general status of Peruvian agriculture to Korean business circles and to promote agricultural business opportunities in Korea and Peru. Secondary data related to Peruvian agriculture are collected and analyzed to understand the current situation of Peruvian agriculture and to suggest an outlook for business opportunities. Findings show that Peru will be a lucrative market for Korean agri-business to target in the near future and it is time for a proactive advance in agriculture by Korean business.



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